Schooling, training and developing

Aad Lievaart and Marcel van Wijk

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Joined forces

Two companies, 'AND3RS IN TRAINING' and 'FRiS HRM', who have more than 30 years of practical experience in the field of education, training and development with Aad Lievaart and Marcel van Wijk, have joined forces to jointly develop the Continuous Learning App ( CL-app) for the Dutch market and beyond.

Aad Lievaart

Trainer and coach focusing on the personal development of employees and (sales) teams within the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare. In addition, organization-wide and strategic initiatives such as the development of initial training programs, the implementation of e-learning in organizations and facilitation within (international) management development programs have been part of my personal development in recent years.

Marcel van Wijk

Educational, serious game designer, facilitator with the driving ambition to be the fresh wind for employees and organization, to break through stuck patterns and to realize new creative, innovative and interactive solutions. Originally within the safety chain, but now also active in sectors such as financial services, business services, education and care. Developed from Dutch Teacher to all-round HRD professional and as a result within organizations (as a supplier, but also as a client) involved in issues such as establishing in-house academies, introducing employability, management development, competence management and the like.

"Grass does not grow by pulling on it"

Aad's starting point is that personal development takes place in very small steps, whereby attention to personal qualities is essential. .

"If you want to reach your goal, you have to take the first step"

Marcel's principle is that sustainable change in organizations must start with the employee..